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Kenwood NX-1700 Mobile

$574.99 USD - $724.99 USD
Configuration: Chase
Package: Radio Only
Regular price $574.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $574.99 USD
Regular price $574.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $574.99 USD

This Kenwood NX-1700 radio boasts a full spectrum of features that most other radios cannot compete with. This radio is water resistant and can be used in both race and chase applications.

The NX-1700 requires less power to transmit at 50 watts. This means less battery draw, and the capability to transmit at full strength when your battery isn't charging. The NX-1700 makes the ultimate race or chase radio!

Race version includes the intercom interface cable, Chase versions are meant to use with hand microphones. 

The NX-1700 is the same size and utilizes the same brackets as the TK-7360 - making it an easy upgrade. The most notable differences are 132 more channels, a metal cover on the circuit board for additional shielding, lower TX amperage, better frequency stability, a higher wattage audio output for a louder external speaker and less audio distortion.


  • 50 Watts @ 13.8v 136-174MHz
  • 260 Channels
  • Easy Read LCD White Backlit Display
  • IP54 Rated with mic jack cover in place.
  • 13A draw upon transmit (15amp fuse recommended)